~ ~ FOSS ~ ~

mentoring in free software projects

The paper titled Mentoring in Free Software Projects (a review of 6 years of GSoC and SoK in KDE and what we learned so far) (PDF) was written for Akademy 2010 and shows some interesting findings about KDE's participation in Google Summer of Code and Season of KDE.

social media guide for free software projects

The social media guide for free software projects (PDF) outlines how social media can help FOSS projects stay in touch with their users and make them rock even more. Learn about digg, Twitter, identi.ca, Linked.in and more. The guide includes basic intros to different sites as well as advanced tips for how to deal with social media in general. The github repos can be found at github.com/lydiapintscher/social-media-guide.

~ ~ university ~ ~

I had to write various papers during my time at university.

collaborative and transparent free software development

My diploma thesis titled "Collaborative and transparent Free Software development" contains an analysis and improvements of the development process of Amarok and Halo/SMW+.

planning of 3-dimensional complex cutting geometries for robot-assisted surgery

Studienarbeit: "Planung dreidimensionaler Schnitte für die roboterunterstützte Chirurgie":

swarm intelligence

seminar organic computing: "swarm intelligence":


seminar robotics and medicine: "ultrasound: a general presentation":


proseminar computer science and medicine: "Krankheitsbild und Behandlungsmethoden bei Kraniosynostose Patienten":

computer science III

My summary (PDF, German) for computer science III by Prof. Wagner (WS04/05) at the university of Karlsruhe.